3 Tips to help avoid disputes


The cost and time required to resolve disputes can be massively damaging for a company, so here are 3 tips to help you avoid getting into disputes in the first place.

Pawel Dziemiach

Senior Software Engineer • Software Engineering • Project Delivery Management • Data & Digital

3 things the perfect Project Leader does

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a Perfect Project Leader, but some are pretty close. A good project leader does a lot of things but these are 3 things all perfect ones do.

Ugur Uzun

Technical Lead • Civil Engineer • Project Planning • Project Controls • Business Analytics

Paulo Costa

Finance, Commercial, Administation, and Operations Director • Civil Engineer • Project Planning • Project Management

João Peixoto

Senior Consultant • Mechanical Engineer • Project Planning • Project Controls

Bernardo Antunes

Lead Consultant • Civil Engineer • Project Management • Project Planning

Stephen Herd

Director • Mechanical Engineer • Project Management • Data & Digital

Nereo Giavazzi

Senior Consultant • Civil & Structural Engineer • Project Planning & Delivery Management

Craig Gardner

Director (Consultancy) • Commercial Management • Project Planning