Kirsty Green

Lead Consultant • Civil Engineer • Project Management • Project Planning

UCB | Project Apple

Project Apple seeks to create a research and development (R&D) centre of excellence for the global pharmaceutical company UCB, relocating its UK-based Early Discovery facilities from Slough to Windlesham.

We were brought in to develop and manage the programme of the full M&E package, including Design, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning phases.

Construction Cowboys: “Hi-yo, Silver! Away!”

We construction people all have a little bit of construction cowboy in us. It’s that restlessness you get when stuff isn’t getting done, those cold sweats when it has been too long since your last concrete pour, the little feeling of pride as you did your hard hat to get out and build a monument to humanity’s greatness.

How to stop your project from falling into a change driven death spiral

In construction, project changes are inevitable. Building in the management of change is therefore a pragmatic and necessary step. For successful progressive construction claims having a clearly defined integrated change management processes is a must. Here are some of the key facets to address to create a successful integrated change management process.

Aries Arante

Senior Consultant • Industrial Engineer • Project Planning • Project Control

Liezle Dollente

Senior Consultant • Civil Engineer • Project Planning • Project Control

Marc Reña

Consultant • Civil Engineer • Project Planning • Project Controls

3 Tips to help avoid disputes


The cost and time required to resolve disputes can be massively damaging for a company, so here are 3 tips to help you avoid getting into disputes in the first place.

Pawel Dziemiach

Senior Software Engineer • Software Engineering • Project Delivery Management • Data & Digital