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Hyperscale Data Center – Europe

Working with the main contractor and key MEP subcontractor. Our team of 7 construction engineering planners were deployed to Western Europe to support the project through critical MEP install and commissioning over a period of 9 months.

The Challenges

  1. An existing programme missing large portions of scope with out of sequence logic.
  2. Interfaces: Multiple contractors involved in the delivery of the different systems within the building with a low constructability design exacerbating the problem.
  3. Site and supply chain operating without an overall integrated plan.
  4. A complete absence of reporting of progress
  5. Lack of tractability and understanding delays and therefore impossible to commercially protect when client lead change affected programme delivery.

Our Solution

We rebuilt the construction programme while maintaining regular updates to the client. In addition we developed a detailed commissioning programme which was used to drive priority areas in what was ultimately a resource constrained project.

We also implemented a strong link to site by changing the emphasis from discipline packages to area management. We provided area managers with simple weekly to do lists which we monitored against to ensure all blockers were cleared as quickly as possible.


Key Outcomes

Final Thoughts

A great programme is not of much use if it isn’t driving the site on a day to day basis. This can only be achieved by gaining buy-in from the construction team and implementing practice processes which ensure that programme actually supports the people on the ground to do their jobs and is not just used as a reporting tool.

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